About Us
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Written by SBI Tech Support
Friday, 14 January 2011 12:11

SBI Ladies Club is an informal, non-profit organization where wives of SBI officers (and some lady officers of the Bank) congregate and undertake various philanthropic activities.  Like State Bank of India, SBI ladies Club is present in practically every location in the country- from small cities and villages to the most modern megalopolis.

This website is a modest attempt to reach out to our own members as well as to spread awareness about our activities and initiatives.  We are a large family spread all over the country.  We realize that with our wide reach and numerical strength, if we make concerted efforts, we will be able to make some difference to the lives of the underprivileged section of the society.

The needs of the economically backward, the physically challenged and numerous needy souls are seldom addressed.  It is an irony that our country, which is one of the fastest growing countries in the world, also has the largest number of poor.  While we understand that we alone may not be able to remove poverty and suffering from the country altogether, we firmly believe that even if we are able to touch the lives of a tiny fraction of the poor and underprivileged and make a difference to them and their children, it will be an achievement for our efforts.

Today, the whole world talks about charity and giving back to the society.  Millions of dollars are being pledged by those who have billions.  Although we don not have big financial resources as we contribute mostly from our household savings, we strive to give what money cannot buy- compassion, moral and psychological support to our underprivileged brothers and sisters and their children by keeping in constant touch with them.  One of the major initiatives in this regard has been our adoption of girl children.

We welcome you all to our online presence, just to share the various activities we are involved in so as to enable other such large families to come together and attempt what we have been trying to do.

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